The original gas streetlight Welsbach  N0. 36

Elegantly stately and serene these Authentic original gaslights mark the transition from the colonial Square lamp to round lamp it became America's most popular lamp and lighting streets from New York to San Francisco and 1817 Baltimore Maryland became the first city in America to install  gas street lights for the next 80 years gas lighting was by means of the open flame burner then 1896 the improved in incandescent  gas mantle invented by Dr. Carl von auer Von  Welsbach and Australian was introduced into America for the next two decades the growth of the gaslighting was a phenomenal by 1914 the peak year there were hundreds of thousands of welsbach incandescent  gas lamps in cities and towns across the country  N0. 36 Boulevard lamp head with spiral  side arms and a tin or aluminum ventilator top the crown and lamppost are made of cast-iron an additional the clear globe and Opal dome or handblown glass. These  antique streetlamps will complement and enhance  the environment with grace.



welcome to the original gasstreetlight

no.36 we have everything you need there are 2 different heads styles and few different pole styles you can mix & match to build a unique streetlight for your yard ,gate pillers,

driveways, man caves

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